Our office serves the needs of municipalities having enormous relative experience. We can provide safety support for each employee and every position offices, building sites, waste management, roads etc.

Our managing director since 2003 serves as the Technical Consultant in the Municipality of Kifisia and has participated in many seminars regarding safety construction held by the Union of Inspectors of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

Our office provides prompt solutions.

We provide:
– Safety and coordination services
– Supervise installations and sites
– Supervise lengthwise all the road construction
– Overall or partial assumption of liability
– Prepare and register papers (deal with bureaucracy) and make all necessary preparations and arrangements for Labour Inspector Officers.
– Provide legal services.
– Transact regular and irregular inspections, proposals of improvement.

Accomplish the following:
– Check out that contractors and subcontractors taking all necessary safety measures and the accomplishement of all relevant safety matters malfunctioning with common or uncommon installations.
– Elaborate safety instructions for each employee and every position.
– Measure hazardous factors (dust, noise, chemical, radiation, electricity etc).
– Prepare danger reports for every installation or work site.
– Record in printed forms accidents that may occur.
– Issue statistical reports.
– Issue fire protection certificates.
– Issue or extent permits.
– Record in printed forms the maintenance of the safety systems.
– Placement of warning signs.
– Check consignments in order to avoid falls.
– Consultation regarding the mechanical and elevatory devices.
– Correct scale use
– Safe occupation in heights, gully and road construction sites.
– Training for off road driving.
– Check fire protection systems.
– Organize seminars educated and  of personnel (being payed by the employmet office).
– Issue specification for the Personal Protection Means.
– Provide medical services by occupation doctor and keep in printed form record of each employee and issue relevant directions
– Issue Quality Certificates and elaborate internal management process (planning the policy for health and safety, apply and operation, checking and taking all corrective actions (steps), education and verification of the system).
– In the relevants seminars we organise we give people the possibility of theoretical and practical application, our basic aim being the presentation of the foundamentals of the technical statistical control of quality, taking samples of latest technics for better quality management (statistical process conntrol, Taguchi methods), organise and manage quality technics, elaborate and plan the original systems, models of overall quality, cost of quality, relationship client – supplier as well as of the existing legal frame and the authorities issuing and approving the certifications of quality.