Our office consists of a team of engineers – safety engineers and external associates (Occupation & Hazards doctors, Human Research   psychologists , Lawyers specialized on labour administration & Safety,  linemen instructors, Radiation Physics,  etc ), combining experience with enthusiasm, always in spirit of excellent cooperation, professional and prompt response to our clients’ needs and demands.

We invest in the enhancement of our office, updating our database and our technical library with all the latest books and articles, thus providing the opportunity to our associates to participate in several seminars and conferences in Greece and abroad. We constantly collaborate with top universities both in Greece and abroad, private and public organizations – (the Greek National Credential Committee, the Greek Institute of Health and Safety, the General Office of Labour Conditions of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the Greek Committee of Nuclear Energy, the Greek National Telecommunication and Postal Committee, National Occupational Health and Safety, European Construction Law Society, Rush Foundation etc) – and contribute to the organization of seminars regarding matters in Health, Safety, Quality, constructions, energy, Local Authorities, quarries and mines, building sites, and road construction sites.

We offer our services in English, German, French, Spanish and Chinege languages.