Safety in telecommunication constitutes one of the most modern and continuously evolving sectors. The experience of our firm in this field allows us to provide the essential support to our clients in the entire spectrum of the health safety and quality.

Our managing director Alexander Paradisis represented the Union as the introducer regarding safety bill for telecommunications in the public consultation (2005), even though one of the promenent external associates Dimosthenis Manginas represented the Greek Government for several years at the EU Council as IT, Telecommunication and Postal Services Attacche.Their experience makes our office undoubtedly one of the few specialized firms in the following areas:

Issue radio and television licence, telephony and mobile telephony, broadband eyrizonike services, radio communication and telecommunication services.
• Issue antenna licence, rural and urban station bases.
• Finding new locations.
• Measure hazardous factors (radiation, noise etc)
• Legal consultation services and intervention between lessors of the station bases and the tenant companies (supplier)
• Legal consultation services and intervention between the companies (supplier) and the private and public organizations.
• Prepare and draw a project according to environmental standards.
• Prepare and draw a project of local danger application.
• Provide certified training (work at heights – linemen -, with average or high voltage, on pylons and poles under bad weather conditions, maintenance repairs, inspections etc.
• Provide safety, medical services for telecommunication, inspection and undertake the responsibility for telecommunication centers, urban and rural station bases and windmills.