Training Seminars of Employers as Safety Technicians (B and C category)

These programs are addressed to Professional Associations, Chambers, and Unions and regard their members, employers, freelancers and others who after the participation and attention of the seminar can undertake
the responsibility of the Technical Safety, since they will receive a Recognized Certificate of Training.

The certificate of successful attendance is necessary for every employer who employs even one employee. These seminars are organized by PARADISIS &PARTNERS EXYPP in cooperation with professional institutions or KEK.

Based on the circular of the Special Secretary of SEPE all companies and enterprises are obliged to notify the Labour Inspection Staff Table along with the exact details of the Safety Technician and the
protocol number of the relevant announcement to KEPEK. If the employer wants to perform simultaneously the responsibities of the Safety Technician at work, he must be a holder of the new training certificate in Health and Safety issues at work.

The training services provided include:

- Provide certified training of the employers participating as Safety Technicians at work on their companies. In this way they can assume duties and as Safety Technical attending for the prevention of
professional dangers for workers and third parties as well as the prevention of accidents in their companies.
- Their respective practical training.
- Submission of the set forms (by profession) of completing the safety technical book endorsed by KEPEK.
- Submission of the set forms of drawing up the technical accident investigation reports.
- Submission of the set forms obligatory by the law, a written assessment report of the occupational danger at their facilities, branches, per category. (Pharmacies, laboratories, workshops, super markets, hair salons, butcher shops, shops, cafes, print shops, dry cleaners, paint shops, food shops, crafts, workshops, etc.)
- Submission of the inspection set forms for the suppliers or the subcontractors of the company (where applicable) regarding the safety and health management (drawing up agreements, inspection of
certificates, inspect the safety measurements of projects, etc.)
- Submission of set forms issuing quality standards of the personal protective equipment for each specialty.
- Providing written instructions relating to the specific obligatory by the law training that as employers and as Safety Technicians must provide to employees depending on the nature of their work, including work on PC, fire protection, work at heights, use portable ladders, store houses, working with voltage, first aid, work in bad weather, training to prevent dangerous situations, issue written instructions, etc.
- Record and report to the Associations or Chambers, safety work instructions which  can be published or printed for the benefit of their members, by the form of a section or as individual articles.

Relevant Legislation: L 3850/2010, N 1568/85, Presidential Decree289/86, Presidential Decree 294/88, Joint Ministerial Decision 88555/3293/88, L 2224/94, Presidential Decree 17/96, Circular 130297 / 15.7.96, Presidential Decree 16/96, Presidential Decree 95/99, Presidential Decree 159/99, Presidential Decree 17/78, Presidential Decree 225/89, Presidential Decree 305/96, PD 105/95, Presidential Decree 155/2005


Theory – Practical exercises

The training seminars include theory initially and practice of the methodology and techniques. The seminars are implemented by professional instructors with experience.
I. Duration of seminar C category Theory & Practice: One day, 5 hours / person
II. Duration of seminar C category Theory & Practice: Two days, 10 hours / person
III. Duration of seminar B category Theory & Practice: Five days, 35 hours / person

In the practical part it will be evaluated the safe performance of the procedures throughout the duration of the practical part.

Certificate of successful participation.
All successful participants in the practical training will receive after the training a certificate of successful attendance
The certificates can be printed both in Greek and English.

In the professional groups of the trained employers there is grouping of similar work skills in order to have uniformity of the trainees. The tutors are certified teachers with distinguished experience in Greece and abroad.